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Services Offered Permissions/NOC's / NOC For Issuance / Renewal Of License Of Arms Dealers

NAME OF SERVICE :- NOC For Issuance / Renewal Of License Of Arms Dealers
CAN APPLY AT :- District Level Saanjh Kender
Appellate Authorities
Designated Officer Deputy Commissioner of Police or Superintendent of Police (Hq.)
Appellate Authority Deputy Commissioner of Police or Senior Superintendent of Police (Hq.)
Documents Required 1. Aadhar Card
2. ITR 3 Years
3. Affidevit
4. Shop Map
**Self Certified Copies Of Documents Are Accepted


Form Counter(Self Service)

Reception Process Info. Fee Payment Status Info

Soft Copy of the file saved in SAANJH Computer, Photo taken , RTS Receipt
SMS with UID & fee

District Level Saanjh Kender Mark File to Police Station Saanjh Kender in Online way
SMS about marking

Marked Police Station Saanjh Kender SAANJH operator Download the marked Application

Downloaded application form submitted to SHO/MHC

MHC Receive the application & mark IO

SAANJH operator update the Marked IO status in SAANJH Software
SMS about marking And SMS about appointment to applicant

IO perform his verification process( visits The address of Applicant and gets statements & photographs of two witnesses) & submit the investigation report to MHC

After Receiving the investigation Report MHC put the same to SHO get it signed that particular status update in the SAANJH Software

After updating of the application Status file Automatically send to concern Sub Division Saanjh Kender (DSP)

Sub Division Saanjh Kender received the application and get the application signed from DSP and Sub Division Saanjh Kender operators update the status from their end

District Level Saanjh Kender received the verification online and sent to arms License branch , they make the file , get it signed by DCP/CP
SMS about Result

District Level Saanjh Kender finally dispatch the application.
(SMS About Disposal)


Helpline Numbers

+91-94177-00198, +91-94177-00298, +91-94177-00398

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